A whole new world

“Kaplan Experience” is the trending slogan developed by Kaplan Inc.

Kaplan Inc is a for-profit corporation with revenue exceeding 2 billion dollars during fiscal year 2012.  They specialize in higher education programs, professional training courses, test preparation materials and are one of the top companies offering international English language courses for students.

A social media marketing campaign was developed in order to share the experiences of students’ journeys throughout the various programs with the slogan, “Kaplan Experience”.

Prior to this now trending phrase, most people only thought of the various test prep materials provided by Kaplan; books, study guides, quizzes etc. Since the campaign began, a completely different face of the company has emerged, a refreshing, young and adventurous front for a company which showcases thousands of students journeys all around the globe enjoying and experiencing the various programs offered by Kaplan.

This website domain could (and should) serve to highlight the opportunities presented by Kaplan internationally for aspiring students.  The content can come straight from the growing body of pictures contributed by the students themselves to various social media outlets – facebook, google+, twitter and instagram.  With over 300k likes on Facebook, nearly 50k tweets and 20k mentions on Google+ many students are resonating with the messages communicated and due to the nature of education, a campaign can easily be revived at seasonal intervals to grow and maintain interest with the changing times.

The only problem up to this point is that Kaplan has not yet created a pool to attract and keep the young audience whose interest may be drawn to the inspiring photographs and stories.  Any student with even a passing interest that attempts to make the transition from admiring the Kaplan Experience to embarking on their own Kaplan Experience will immediately notice the industrial and stiff differences between what they just saw on Twitter and kaplan.com or kaplaninternational.com

KaplanExperience.com should serve as the ultimate resource for students interested in their own Kaplan Experience.  This has potential for opening up streams of revenue for Kaplan Inc by capturing the market that has been untouched outside word of mouth until this recent marketing campaign.

This domain, http://www.kaplanexperience.com, will be auctioned shortly but is available for private sell until then.  In the event of any interest, please email me at micah.stott@gmail.com


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